Industry 4.0 | Smart Factory Solutions

Retmes is a real-time MES system. The whole system manages all processes between production line and ERP system.

Environmental Monitoring Solutions

It is the system used to measure, monitor, record and control environmental parameters.

Industrial Panel Pc & Kiosk Solutions

Industrial Panel PCs are computers that are used in production facilities and automation projects. They are suitable for working under difficult conditions.

R&D, Custom Solutions

We can make mass production of the specially developed hardware for you under your brand and solve your production needs.

Integration Solutions

Software Integration Solutions enable you to integrate the different software and automation systems installed in your enterprise.

Energy Management Solutions

In today's technology, automation systems are built with special SCADA software running on standard computer hardware.

  • WIN-EURASIA 2019 Fuarındaydık

    MES Çözümlerimizle 14-17 Mart 2019 tarihleri arasında "WIN-EURASIA 2019" fuarındaydık.

  • Compatible with Industry 4.0

    Konzek is the partner of "Turkey industry 4.0 Platform” and develops software & hardware solutions for industry 4.0
    4-0 Platformu.jpg

  • WIN EURASIA 2018

    We were at WIN EURASIA 2018 fair between 15-18 March with our Retmes (Production Execution System) solutions.


  • Industry 4.0 Applications Summit and Exhibition

    Industry 4.0 compliant Production Execution System (MES) solution "Retmes” is waiting for its guests at WOW Convention Center between 16-18 October 2018.

  • We interviewed ST Magazine about our solutions

    ST magazine published our "Industry 4.0 and MES" solutions in July.

Research & Development

We adapt to the development and transformation of the age and carry out R&D studies with our experts.


We design, develop and produce. Until today, we have produced more than 25,000 controllers and more than 40,000 sensors.

Quality & Global

More than 70 countries in the world use Konzek products.

About Us

With its 12 years of knowledge and experience, Konzek Technology develops solutions for Industry 4.0 compliant in Manufacturing Execution (MES), Production Efficiency (OEE), Environmental Monitoring, Energy Management, System Automation and Process Control areas, using current software and hardware ...

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Konzek | Keep It Short & Simple
Konzek Teknoloji, güncel yazılım ve donanım teknolojilerini kullanarak Endüstri 4.0 uyumlu, Üretim Yürütme (MES), Üretim Verimlilik (OEE), Ortam İzleme, Enerji Yönetimi, Sistem Otomasyon ve Proses Kontrol alanlarında çözümler geliştirmektedir.