Artificial Intelligence

With Retmes AI, which we developed with the support of Artificial Intelligence, we increase the productivity and quality values of your business.
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Increase Your Production Efficiency In Your Business
With Artificial Intelligence

Big Data and Data Analysis

Big Data and Data Analysis

Regarding the production or service activities carried out in your business; Through designated data collection points, we ensure that a large number of data such as energy, equipment and personnel performance are collected, analyzed, reported, and used to improve processes.


Artificial Intelligence Modeling

In Artificial Intelligence projects, we create models with model studies, algorithms and approaches at different layers such as Machine Learning , Deep Learning regarding problem solving or increasing production efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence Modeling
Retmes AI

Retmes AI


Achieve productivity in production with artificial intelligence algorithms specific to your business. Anticipate 90% disruptions in production.

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In addition to business intelligence software, the need for artificial intelligence supported systems has started to increase in order to measure, analyze, report, determine customer expectations and create sales strategies in production.

As Konzek Technology, we develop solutions to improve business processes with data analytics and artificial intelligence modeling.

We ensure that energy data, process data and production data of enterprises are collected, monitored and analyzed with specially designed algorithms. We make unforeseen anomalies and machine stoppages predictable with classical methods with the support of artificial intelligence.

We ensure the development of the industrial technology required for the dark factory method, which is described as the production model of the future.

In an artificial intelligence project developed specifically for the business;

  • First of all, the needs of the business are determined clearly.
  • A large number of data points that affect production are determined.
  • It is determined which of the determined data points are necessary for the solution and which will be used in artificial intelligence modeling.
  • Millions of data collected through sensor, PLC or HMI are transferred to the system and big data is created.
  • As a result of studies supported by deep learning and alarm prediction in line with the obtained data, artificial intelligence models are developed.

With Retmes AI, artificial intelligence supported forecasting models are included in the production processes, thus preventing production interruptions due to raw materials, set value or electronic and mechanical errors of machines