Energy Management System

23 Temmuz 2020

Due to the begin of the tendency towards eco-friendly energy resources and the increase cost of access to energy, the management of energy resources properly and in this context, the use of Energy Management System become important. The planning of the use of required energy as eco-friendly and providing it at lower costs, permanently, qualified and clean is highly considered by the enterprises.

Increase in the energy independence tendency, climate change and technological developments brought up the need for studies on energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency is saving energy without decreasing the quality and performance by means of technological opportunities. Energy efficiency and energy saving concepts are generally thought to be the same.

These two concepts are different but related. The focal point for energy efficiency is energy management. As in all management activities, it consists of processes such as planning, coordination and following the controls. In fact, developing a strategy to meet the required energy at the desired time and place is described as energy management. It is possible to make energy management applicable in businesses by means of the Energy Management System.

In the broader sense of the concept of energy management; It can be defined as all of the activities driven in order to increase the efficiency and performance of the enterprises from energy sources. It includes examinations, monitoring and measurements performed in certain periods during the year. In other words, it includes the improvement activities planned to be performed in accordance with the evaluation results of the data revealed by the Energy Management System. Research results have shown that annual energy costs can be reduced between 5% and 20% by means of the Energy Management System.

The system called the Energy Management System is the work run in behalf of energy management and the practices that facilitate the management of the process. Determining the energy management program for companies, following the necessary improvements in line with this program and revealing the status of achieving its purpose are provided with the Energy Management System.

Requirements to Create Energy Management System

The steps to be followed are important to create an effective Energy Management System:

  • First of all, inefficient business areas, tools and processes should be determined.
  • Technical details should be obtained about the energy sources used or planned to be used and equipment.
  • The main areas and equipment with energy consumption and energies used inefficiently should be determined and precautions should be taken in the enterprise.
  • Technical reviews, discussion and idea exchange should be done about planning the use of resources.
  • Resources such as manpower and machine technology should be planned correctly.
  • Technological developments and new applications should be followed and planning should be made to include them in the production processes.
  • All driven works should be reported and its results evaluated through the Energy Management System.

Energy Management System Activities in Turkey

Energy Management System activities are carried out in our country within the framework of ISO 50001 standards. ISO 50001 represents the most current and best practices created on the basis of national and local standards in the field of energy management. It has been created after long researches with the energy management experts of more than 60 countries worldwide. It is a framework developed to establish standards regarding the determination of principles for the establishment of an Energy Management System and how processes and processes should be carried out. ISO 50001 helps businesses install the necessary systems to improve energy performance, including energy efficiency, consumption and usage. Environmentally harmful effects will be ensured because of the implementation of this standard with systematic management of energy and reduction of energy costs. It also determines the conditions of the Energy Management System and specifies the issues to be considered when developing energy policy.

Benefits of the Energy Management System

  • The main benefits of the Energy Management System, which has many positive effects on the production process of businesses, will be examined: It provides determination of the goals and objectives of the energy policy to be carried out.
  • It facilitates the systematic identification of energy usage points and variables to protect energy resources to protect energy source, prevent inefficient use and focus on points that will provide maximum savings.
  • It helps employees to increase their awareness of energy use and to be aware of their responsibilities.
  • Reduces the risk of situations that can cause errors in energy consumption data.
  • Predictable energy consumption, conducting necessary activities for correction of problematic areas and realistic data that will be based on future plans can be accessed through the reports submitted by the Energy Management System.
  • It helps to identify the areas that need improvement.
  • It enables businesses to invest in different areas by means of the low budget allocated for energy resources.
  • In addition to the benefits provides to businesses or institutions, it ensures that environmental damage is minimized.
  • Following in the right way of the Energy Management System practices and the positive feedback of the studies also results in the appreciation of the public image of the nature-friendly and conscious energy consuming enterprise. It is possible for the Energy Management System to reach its goal by adopting by every unit of the enterprise and making it permanent. Employees need to be aware that they are responsible for the efficient use and savings of energy. In this context, in order to obtain effective results from the energy management system, necessary information activities must be carried out within the organization. Leaving the Energy Management System after saving can lead to waste of all work carried out and getting away from sustainability, resulting in greater losses in the future by comparison with the savings. The Energy Management System can be applied to businesses of all sizes. It enables you to reach the reports of your energy consumption such as electricity, natural gas, water and steam required in order to control the entire energy system in your business and increase its efficiency. At the same time, it shows the instant status of your energy system as a single line diagram and relevant personnel are informed audibly and visually by e-mail, SMS or phone call in case of alarm situations.

The Energy Management System provides sustainability by constantly monitoring the cogeneration and generator systems and preventing your business from being de-energized with Load Shedding System in case of system damage or power outages.

Although it is not always possible to achieve great results in the short term, it is possible for businesses to save energy and become environmentally conscious in the long term by means of the applications of Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation-Oriented Energy Management System spread systematically and programmatically.

With the Energy Management System modules developed by Konzek Teknoloji, you can examine Retmes PMS modules supported with Artificial Intelligence to increase your energy efficiency in your business and Retmon PMS modules for energy management and analysis that you can use both in your business and in different environments.