Social Responsibility

We organize events in the field of digital transformation and Industry 4.0, publish guidebooks and support projects.

Akademi 4.0

As Konzek Technology as part of our social responsibility activity seem, Industrial 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence areas in which we aim to provide networking opportunity to all companies and their employees operating in Turkey and profit mAdIğImIz digital conversion, we had the training and innovation platform to life. We organize "Digital Conversations" programs face-to-face and online with expert trainers and industry professionals on digital transformation, Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence. It continues to be published on our digital platforms as both video and podcast.

Akademi 4.0

Akademi 4.0 platform also supports industry professionals and students who want to organize their own events. We offer our event-meeting area free of charge, which we call the Akademi 4.0 Hub and located in Istanbul, Tuzla.

We have organized more than 20 online activities on subjects such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and our number of activities is increasing day by day. At these events, we help industry professionals and students, new graduates and anyone who wants to improve themselves in this field, to develop themselves. At the same time, we support the dissemination of information sharing by not publishing articles and contents on our "Become an Author" platform that we have created for those who want to convey their knowledge by producing content.

Apart from the events we organize, Akademi 4.0 Industrial Terms Dictionary, which is a guide for Industry 4.0 and where we have compiled over 400 terms, is easy for anyone who wants to improve themselves in this field. we have made it an accessible resource.

You can visit to be informed about current events in Akademi 4.0 and to participate in the community and organize events.

Fusion Robotics

In addition to our educational activities, we also care about the projects developed by students and their success in competitions they participate in these projects. In this context, we support Fusion Robotics Bahçelievler Municipality Füsun Yönder Anatolian High School student team, which takes part in projects and competitions in the field of coding and robotics.

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