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Retmes is a real-time MES system. The whole system manages all processes between production line and ERP system. Thanks to its modular flexible structure, it can meet all kinds of needs and can be adapted to all kinds of structures. Even if the form of production changes, the data that is learned beforehand adapts the new production pattern and ensures that the optimum result is achieved. The collected data is safely stored in such a way that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

With the machine learning module, it calculates the optimum values ​​of the set values ​​required for production and increases the production efficiency. The process analysis tool enables you to quickly find the solutions. The data is stored securely on local or cloud-based servers.

The OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) module automatically measures and records production efficiency on an equipment with operator basis. It enables companies to increase the performance of existing machines and equipments rather than making unnecessary purchases.

The energy management module helps you to improve your energy systems by measuring the losses in the systems. It improves the energy efficiency of your systems and reduces energy costs.
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Konzek Teknoloji, güncel yazılım ve donanım teknolojilerini kullanarak Endüstri 4.0 uyumlu, Üretim Yürütme (MES), Üretim Verimlilik (OEE), Ortam İzleme, Enerji Yönetimi, Sistem Otomasyon ve Proses Kontrol alanlarında çözümler geliştirmektedir.